Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pak Tor + New Hp

Pak Tor day!!
today me & my boy friend go 1U gai gai + watch movie.
we watch 'Zohan', this movie is damn funny.
we around 2pm reached 1U. buy ticket 1st.
we bought 4.35pm ticket.
after that we go having our lunch at Wong Kok.
Lao gong is ordering those spicy mee, I don't like the taste.
My drink
after our lunch, when we walk out from the restaurant.
I saw China 'guo bao' - Min Kun.
so surprise see him at there.
then we just chat a while only.
after that, my boy friend go Monsoon hair cut then me wait him outside.
boring til..........
I'm playing Sudoku while sms-ing with Min Kun.
thanks for accompany me ya.
after that, we go up to cinema there see whether got anything a not.
while we go up from escalator to cinema, Wee Fong & Kim Lam is going down.
so surprise see them also.
we just walk around cause nothing to do.
when we go in to Padini Concept store, I saw Wen Xue & Yvonne.
OMG, today meet so many peoples in 1U.
nice nice Mooncake Festival decoration at 1U new wing
time reached, is time to watch movie.
when we queue-ing to buy drink.
saw Wee Fong them again.
so ngam we watch same movie, same time, same cinema!!

'Zohan' this movie is damn funny & 'fei'.
after watched will feel relax, haha!!

hurray!! is time to find Yuan & take my new hp C902 jor.
while I reached Yuan's shop, he told me that my sister already sent the hp back to my puchong house.
WTF!! me Monday only will go back Puchong.
damn moody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(
luckily, my boy friend is fecthing me back home to take.
FINALLY!!! I get my new hp..
muacks....... Love...
My RED hp... C902

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yong Kwung Yuan

Yong Kwung Yuan
this guy I know him since Form 2.
we not same secondary school.
I'm from Damansara Jaya & he is from Taman Sea.
I know him through my sister.
when ngam ngam know him, he still quiet good & nice.
show you all about he stupid look
here we go....
his name is Yong Kwung Yuan aka Sam
can you see how stupid is he??

OMG!! he lan yao yeng!!

*he always do that*
see... always act cool!!

but NOW...
1 word - KANASAI
every time when I chat with him in MSN.
sure just having quarrel only.
& he always BULLY me.
kwung, me already say that will write a blog to cheong sui you.
now I done it.
so tomorrow steamboat you treat me too ya.
thanks a lot.

that is what I want to write.
cause I promised him that I would like write a blog cheong sui him.
haha (^_^)
but no worry, won't spoil his image.
cause he don't have image too.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hong 20's Birthday

Shum Chee Hong 20's Birthday
wahaha, finally Hong already 20 years old.
since last few week we already plan want to make a video clip for him.
I'm the who make this video.

today, we having moral lecture on 9am.
but that stupid Hong is not coming.
so that, we also don't know want how to celebrate for him.
we think a lot how to bluff him to come out.
so in the end, we just call him ask him come out for lunch.
& actually me also already date Dai Lou come out.
we go Jusco Nandos cause got buy 1 free 1.
while we eating, Dai Lou come inside.
then we pretend didn't see him.
when Hong see him, he looks surprise, haha!!
after our lunch, then we trying to pretend that want open my laptop see whether can online or not.
actually, we want show him the video clip.
yeah, we showed him the video clip. hehe (^_^)
he love it much.

after that, we going to Starbucks AGAIN!!
OMG!! this month we went to Starbucks 3 times already.
POOR!!! but I didn't buy drink.
& we just buy a slide cake for Hong!! Paiseh lo...
& we also having a lot fun there.
we take pictures AGAIN!!
we capture about 'Meilinization' by Mei Lin!!
after that we also take about 'Chloenization' by Chloe.
haha!! is damn funny!!
so relax that time. like the feeling that we all sit down & chat. is nice!!
Mocha Frapuccino & Ipanema
make a wish.....
*Hope I can get a girl friend soon* hehe (^_^)
Happy Birthday to Hong!!(^_^)

Meilinization by Dai Lou
missing the 4th one.. 4th is laugh de.. haha (^_^)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Paiseh.... *Good Luck*

firstly, I want to sorry & paiseh to her.
want to clarify it.
& telling that now me totally no heart feeling ya!!
is super super paiseh when you say sorry to me!!
is super x100 paiseh!!
haha.. (^_^)
so, no say sorry again!!

by the way, now me want start to fight my exam jor!!
canot be so lazy jor.
*langsung not related up there also* hehe (^_^)
GAMBATEH in exam for every students...
good luck to my classmate & coursemate Wynki, Hong, Chloe, Mei Lin, Penny, Clairy, April, Angeline, Lee Mei, Tze Liang and many many more.
good luck to my housemate & ex housemate Pinky, Lou Ye, Covey, Lai Kuan, Teen Yang, Kian Hwa, Ming Huay, Yida, Jia Fu, Vyen, Yau, Hseung, Dung Litt and many more.
good luck to my friends Leslie, Pey Wen, Dylan, Hon Mun, Han Lian, Ivy and many more.
all GAMBATEH together ya...

Faces of Malaysia

ops ops..
almost forgot to update last week DPR2 launch "Faces of Malaysia" in our college hall.
while I'm reading Wynki's blog, me only realize that, haha!!
hmm, this function is done by DPR2, my friend Lai Kuan also involve it.
before go in, it is having Nescafe tester outside, we try it too. is delicious.
1st part on Faces of Malaysia is Chinese.
Lai Kuan is take part in Chinese part too, in instrument category.
playing sword!! yeng anot??
see, suipo wynki sit til......
>>Lai Kuan*m3<<> Mei Lin looks cute!!
Chinese food!! Hungry neh...

next part is ~Indian Part~
now me only know that Violin is by Indian de.
nice?? handmade de.
a bit scary if play at night!! haha!!
Indian wedding!!

the last part ~Malay Part~
Malay Wedding!! is beautiful!!
the girl is telling us about Malay wedding tradition.
white white fan!! nice!!
wayang kulit!! malay movie!!
Malay instrument!!

last but not least..
while go out from the hall, we all are giving this Hotlink bag.
inside having a magazine.
& Hotlink string.
& we go take Nescafe again. hehe!!!

~Faces of Malaysia~
Geng!! & nice...
DPR2 is successful..!!

ABC1 *Harry Seggu* + Poppy

Finally free to update my blog.
kinda busy this weekend cause working.
hmm, update a bit about my life last week ba.
last thursday is our Cyber Law lec + tutor Mr.Harry Seggu - last class.
we take a lot pictures in the class.
Mr.Harry is a very nice & good teacher.
we love him much.
some times he also jokes to us. haha!!
here we go, that is the picture!!

Thursday night - Ladies Night??
I guess so.
tonight is my boy friend's friend - Ivy 21st birthday.
is decided go Poppy.
by the way, I'm not going Poppy before.
& Jeremy say that he & Winson them also will go Poppy.
luckily my friend is there.
when we reached, is nobody inside Poppy.
just have 2 3 little cat, really!!
ok, never mind cause Jeremy them is coming.
when Ivy blowing cake.
suddenly I saw Jeremy, we say hi to each other.
after that, I sms him see whether where he sit.
but he call me back say that them change to Maison jor.
bad Jeremy, pit dei me!!
by the way, sorry to telling that at there really boring.
nothing can do at there & really no people de.
but the most happier thing is I saw Pey Wen.
when I still blur-ing with don't know what can do.
suddenly I saw Pey Wen with Yuen Sum them.
actually them & Vyen just pass by here so that come in for a while but Vyen didn't come in.
me just keep on chat with Wen, cause really sien.
& take picture with her also. haha!!

don't know since when we all move down near to DJ table there.
just stand there & some times dance a while only.
cause, my sot sot friends not there.
if siao po Darling weNy there sure will have many fun, haha!!
Dear Covey also not there.

& the thing that I hope I didn't see that is HAPPENED!!
I saw Ivy kiss my boy friend's face.
OMG!! that time me really don't know what can do.
just keep on trying to PRETEND nothing.
god help me.
okay, I know that is best friend kiss.
but, really SORRY x100 for telling that I still can't accept it.
I'm his girl friend wor!!
if he saw a guy kissing me I think he also won't happy with that.
really unhappy that time.
luckily Ephine haven sleep, I'm chatting with her.
thanks Honey Ephine.

& thanks to my Onijak Vyen keep on try to convince & comfort me in sms.
now me feel better jor.
thanks for your opinion & accompany me.
Brother & sister forever ya, Onijak.

okay, now just keep on trying forgot about this.
keep on telling myself is best friend, nothing de.
hope this pass fast fast.
delete from my memory!!!
hope so....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pey Wen 21's Birthday

Deng Deng Deng Deng!!
Pey Wen 21's Birthday!!
while during Ms.Lim class, I'm chatting with Yong.
after that, he called me ask me where got cake shop around Setapak.
want secret recipe.
I told him Melati there got but he don't know how to go.
so, I say that when I finish class go with him.
he wait me outside the main door.
then we go Melati secret recipe.
when reached there, the cake is very big.
& actually tonight just few people only.
so, we plan go buy other cake.
we go Wangsa - The Bread.
the cake looks not nice then we go Baker's Cottage.
Finally we bought cappuccino cake there.
Yong so yim jim!!

Yong present Wen Rm200++ Elle watch.
so sweet!!
& he also showing me the card that he make for Wen.
he first time make card for girl.
Damn sweet!! *a bit jealous*
actually feel very happy see both of them so sweet!!
together around 5 months.
cause my best friend find his true love.
Lee Keng Yong, he really is a very good guy & boyfriend.
wish both them will together forever.

suppose plan celebrate Wen's birth at Cannes tea but don't know why change to 'Yi Jing Shi Liu Liang'
& before that Gor Gor got meeting at Selayang.
don't know can rush back anot.
so I sms Yong say that me & Leslie don't know can go anot.
luckily Gor also rush back. haha (^_^)
while waiting Gor come & fetch me.
I'm ordering Lemon Honey.
Gor & Vyen plan a lot how to celebrate but in the end just take a cake out only.
cause we ask Yong when reached parking then miss call me.
when he miss call me, then we start to prepare.
but them too fast to reached, we not enough time.
so, just bring a cake out only.
Paiseh lo...
Yong & Wen are sitting opposite of me.
look at them so xing fu.
sudden feel happy for them also, don't know why.
but, give Gor zhadao.
he give a condom to Yong.
then they all keep on chat about this topic.
damn funny!!
haha (^_^)
don't know why Yong & Wen will say me & Gor.
then Yong say want give back condom.
but not to Gor, is to me.
while he take out the condom.
is stick together with his passport photo.
then we all say him why so obvious want give his picture to me.
Wen say why don't want give face to her.
is very funny!!! haha (^_^)

when back, suppose is Gor fetch me back.
then Yong & Wen say them fetch me back but Gor also accompany me la.
while walk to the car.
look them hand hold hand.
feel happy AGAIN!!
really hope both of them can together forever.
must last long forever oh.
I want receive red bomb from both of you.

Happy Birthday to Pey Wen