Monday, October 14, 2013

Merry Christmas 2012

Woohoo...!!! Xmas 2012 was awesome!!!

We have a own party at hotel room
We had prepare the food, drink & present too ^^

The very 1st time celebrate Xmas eve with them

 We are No.1 to No.10 ^^

Oh Yeah.. Everyone get their own present!!!

Merry Xmas 2012

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dear Sophia & Justin Wedding ♥♥

2013 will be a very good year.
I think it should be 8th time I become jimui for my friend's wedding!!
Feels sweet!! ♥

Sophia & Justin Wedding
Yea, I met Sophia when my 1st job at Genecode.
She is the 1st person who date me for lunch (I still can remember)
She is a very nice girl & glad that she found her true love

Okay, I know it is a bit late to post about this!!
But yet, it is not too late to share the happiness ^^

Preparation for her wedding
Yea.. all of us are busy to prepare her wedding morning session
Thanks to Sherene, Shin Huey, Anson, Cyntia & Irene for the helps due to I'm late
It was the great night & also a tiring night

For the morning session,
we do have a jimui theme, which is rainbow theme

With the bride.. so beautiful!!! ♥

Yea, how we to serve the heng dai??
Let's go....

Game 1:
Welcome drink + accessories+ food
Looks delicious!! Yummy!!!

Game 2:
Use doll to pose
The most funny part & heng dais are very cooperate it.

Game 3:
As usual, heng dai need from ice tube with water to find the door key
Yo.... feels so cold.............

Game 4:
Need to stick the money on the board
Money money come!!!!

Game 5:
Guess which is bride lips
we are preparing the lips chop on the board, the groom need to find out which is belong to the bride
In the end, the groom are failed to guess it
He is kissing the bride's brother & aunty lips

Game 6:
Fake room with fake bride
We are leading the groom to go into the wrong room
which is the bride's brother are sitting inside pretending he is the bride
It is super super funny on the groom face reaction
 The groom want to bang to the wall...
Wakaka.... ^^

Game 7:
Read all contract & sign
The groom must be read the contract & sign it
After that only can be enter to the bride room^^

Yeah Yeah!!
Finally the groom enter to the bride's room

 Heng Daisss!!!!
Yeah.. with be banquet flower..
When will be my turn???

Dinner on the Lunar Valentine
HGH Convention Hall

With My love ♥♥
Genecode girls.......  
Jimuiss with the Groom & Bride!!

Love forever ya!! 

Darling Pui Yi 嫁人啦!!



今年的一月,亲爱的Pui Yi终于嫁人了。

Officially Mrs. Poon!!!




Welcome Drink: 酸甜苦辣

Games to be play before entering to Pui Yi house
- guy to sit on the chair & tied a balloon on his waist
- Then, put a banana (medium long) onto his mouth (left half out of his mouth)
- 2nd guy will be ready to jump to the 1st guy
(Or this can be change to 1 is lying and another pumping to blast the balloon and eat the banana)
Mission: Blast the Balloon & eat the remaining half of the banana

Card games- brother choose the card to decide what to play
i. Stand with 1 line, use clothes-pin with string to pin on their ear, use mouth-to-mouth pass the egg. After that, pull out the clothes-pin immediately

Dancing Part:
i. Wear Hawaii style “Pom Pom” skirt with coconut bowl bra & dance

"- Prepare card with write on part of body, ask brother to choose 1 card (2 people 1 group)
- Use part of body to catch thing. Eg. Bread, Bottle or etc
- For those who fail will get punishment
- Punishment: Choose sushi
   a. Sushi: Blend with soft drink or other food & let them eat"

For Groom
i. Ask question. If answer wrong, brother get punishment
Punishment: Yoga pose, exercise (bumping) & etc

ii. Prepare some of the mahjong & write on some vacation places & throw into a pail which full of ais waters, he need to use long shopsticks to grab one of the mahjong