Sunday, November 29, 2009

绝对不是爱现show off

并不是要show off


Baby 林纪合
令我开心不已 *有点变态哦*



Baby 22's Birthday *Day 2*

back to here
part 2 of my baby's birthday
paiseh lo... baby birth that day I rampas from his friends
celebrate with him *just 2 of us*
sweet sweet (^_^)

I bring him to Marche @ The Curve
Im quite like the concept of this restaurant

16 Nov 2009
Baby 22's Birthday

we super LOVE this vege
we even ate 2 bowls
My chicken breast with black pepper sauce
Baby geh lamb leg

Baby, please don't kacau me la..
Im very hungry jor la...
but me even can't finished
too big portion
dessert (^_^)
fat sei us!!

Ops.. we act cute =)

time for baby syok sendiri
wakaka (^_^)

yeah.. both of us geh handphone wallpaper

Happy Birthday, Vinc Lin

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vinc Baby 22's Birthday

Paiseh har... I will skipped all those 'pending post'
JUMP to my Baby 22's Birthday

want go out jor lo...

1st celebration with his college's friends
which is Keng Yong them
we celebrate at The Cave, SS2

everyone also bring their partner too
sweet!! (^_^)
1st sweet couple
>>Pey Wen*Keng Yong<< Baby & m3
3rd sweet couple
>>Chee Yong*Siew Fang<< aiyoyo... why Eric kacau in the middle??
he should not sit in the middle..
hehe (^_^)

yeah, we all are hungry jor..
let's makan 1st
my cordon bleu
the taste is good!!!
Yong geh spaghetti
Baby geh


our very 1st plan
want to go Library for second round

but, in the end..
change to Laundry Bar
the liquor that we ordered
Kilkenny.. strongly recommend by Eric
Backstreet Boys????

yo yo yo
Birthday cake time jor lo....
~sing~~~~~ Happy Birthday To You
make a wish~~~
yii.... so dirty lo....
speechless!!! =.=
fuiyo... Baby, u having a good helper
hehe (^_^)

yeah.. all of us!!

by the way, thanks u all celebrate his birth
really have a nice outing day with u all

Baby, already grow up 1 year jor
sudah old jor
wish u all the best ya

Baby, I Love You

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vinc Lin

I think me no need introduce
you all also should know who is Vinc Lin
damn famous in my facebook
can see his pictures around in my facebook

I love this picture
cause he look at me
feel like his eyes only have me

yeah, he is boyfriend
a guy who having good looking
& looks like play boy
*hope he is not*
a guy who always say himself very handsome
=.= *no eye see*

a guy that
-really caring me-
-understand me-
-important to me-
-love me-

nothing special
just want to tell you
Baby, I Love You ♥

remember our promise
Im waiting ♥

P/S: He request that MUST upload his picture

Saturday, November 7, 2009

当 被紧紧拥入怀里
当 朦胧中听见你说“爱你”
当 你紧紧牵着我的手
当 我被欺负,你比谁都紧张
当 我撒娇,你总让我
当 我到哪你都会担心
当 你告诉你会吃醋



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Klang 1 day Trip

during my last sem break
Im outing with few of my classmates
which is Mei Lin, Wynki & Yee Mun
4 of us went to Klang craving for food
Mei Lin as our tour guide

3 of us take KTM til Telok Gadoh
then Mei Lin come & pick up us

1st station - Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh
thanks for Keng Yong geh info
yummy betul!!!

yeah.. okay okay!!
I know Im busy sms (^_^)

after lunch at Teluk Pulai
we are no place to go
just went to AEON Bukit Tinggi
plan to watch a movie, but no movie to watch
then, we move to Biz Cafe
our cake and drinks

& actually Im freaking tired
cause yesterday that Im went to Jocelyn's birthday
hope to sleep at Biz Cafe

besides, they suggest have a ride at Pulau Ketam
kena tipu la.. the people say that RM2 nia
mana tau RM7

Pulau Ketam
Pulau Ketam geh ketam
wakakaka (^_^)
Burning Flame part 4
Im strong!!!!
Police Station
big big temple
Jalan Satu
actually Im showing 'one'
Im not pointing ar...
get what I mean???
tired 4 of us!!
we memang like to JUMP!!!
shadow of 4 of us!!

yeah!! is time for dinner!!
at Bagan Hailam
the place that Baby found for so long
wakaka (^_^)
so sad that Im not feeling well on that time
didn't eat much too

yeah!! Yam..... Cha.....
is time to go back lo

Baby come there to fetch me
2nd round at weNy working place
memang tired!! (^_^)