Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Joseph & Ivy Wedding

-Joseph & Ivy Wedding-

my Baby Eldest Sister's Wedding

at Restoran Imperial @ Klang

haha.. everyone say Baby look like bridegroom
cause the suit he wear =)

Joseph & Ivy

yam seng!!!

what happen to Ryan & Kent??

Happy Family

Ern Hee Big Big Day!!

MC today.. resting at home!!
Im having running nose + sore throat
& now become more worst
-stomach ache-
isn't food poisoning??

back to old post on March
My lovely jimui weNy's daughter
Ern Hee 1 years old birthday

having celebration at her house, Klang Utama

Fatman Steamboat
we all LOVE IT MUCH!!!

yii.. apa ni??
geli betul!!!

deng deng deng deng!!
weNy with her daughter Ern Hee

my Klang gang
all sot sot geh... hehe

fuiyo!! must becareful oh!!

beside celebrate Ern Hee's birth
actually it is just like a small gathering of all friends
it is very good sometime gather up

is time to cut cake
Ern Hee dai gor lui jor =)
make a wish
wish U all the best!!
Ern Hee: Mummy, don't kiss me!!!
my gang!!
such a big gang =)
me with Ern Hee
fuiyo, semua lelaki kah sini!!

-Present Time-
gift from far far away geh Ping
our gang geh present for her
big mou???
she is playing
ahem... Mummy, this is bought for your daughter
not u la... hahahahaha...
Yau, not for u also

yii... when Yau become hamsap bek bek jor geh??
no eye see!!

the ambassador of Fat Man Steamboat

Sunday, June 6, 2010

701 Panduan Reunion

Im here again!!!
Gosh!! CNY post again!!

701 Panduan Reunion

701 Panduan is my internship company
mostly all colleagues also very friendly
& Im glad that they still remember me =)

we having our dinner at Midvalley - Ding Tai Feng

Bacon made by Jennifer
very jeng oh!!
lou sang lou sang
this waiter very funny & friendly
sang sang mang mang ar!!

is time to eat!!
& Im hungry cause waiting them for so long
cause outside is JAM!!!
My favorite - Xiu Long Bao
fried rice is JENG!!!
healthy healthy!!
must eat vege..

my stomach is full of food
the food is nice & not so expensive also
it is still acceptable!!!

my 701 Panduan gang =)

my new spec.. nice mou??
actually is Max's spec =)