Sunday, March 14, 2010










Last Day at Ipoh

Last Day at Ipoh
finally we want to get back to KL

seriously the weather is HOT!!!
But, Im still wishes to take pic
cause, the landscape is too beautiful =)

the banglo that we live
nice nice picsss....

thanks for Steven sponsor us to eat
yummy yummy

the place that we bought salted chicken
even got cert..
geng mou????
salted chicken
*yummy yummy*

Finally we back to KL
before back to TPG
we having our dinner at Ampang
hmm, may be during CNY a lot of peoples
even the food become not so nice & dirty too
yiaks..... is sand?? or..??
geli betul...
you still dare to eat it???
total RM186
not so expensive la.. :p

finally end my CNY trip
thanks Baby giving me a very nice
& memorable trip..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 2 at Ipoh

Day 2 at Ipoh

we wake up in a *very early* morning
when yesterday *very early* to sleep 4am

today, Kerrine them will back to KL
before they leave
mesti tangkap gambar la... =)

nice pic huh??
I love the sky much...
even just use normal digital camera to capture

random pic by Rain
but, Im love this much
as what Rain said
'sot lai sot qu'

we had our brunch at Ipoh Town
char siew pau
but, very hard to get it
when we reached, only left 4 nia...
wait for so long geh mee
but, it is very very cheap...
I think around RM 2 nia...

ahem... Vinc Lin
we all girls are taking pic
ka ka cau cau here...

picture of the day
*Steven & Shewa*
sweet sweet love

after brunch, seperated
them back to KL
our next station >> Perak Tong
very expensive geh coconut drink
RM 2 per glass
nice mou nice mou??
capture by me
wakaka =)

the weather is totally very super hot
hot til me very pek cek

after we back to our banglo
the guys wishes to go for a swim
kiss for me???

our dinner RM191
consider cheap jor... =)

after dinner
we just stay at our banglo nia...
the place make us feel comfortable...
& beer night for them too =.=
the punishment for YYM
cause, he keep on SMS
but, don't know SMS with who la
*evil grin*

Day 2 at Ipoh
& is the night that Im saying rude words to them
cause, while sleep, Anvil & YYM keep on sing
Im beh tahan so scold them
they say Im rude :'(

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 1 Ipoh

after Pangkor, we straight away heading to Ipoh
by the way
thanks for Wai Hoong & Joe *Baby's bro-in-law* info
direct us to the place =)

Day 1 at Ipoh
before we reach, Kerrine's gang already reached

while waiting Huan come meet us
our 3 战车
by BK, YYM & Baby
white car gang

finally we reached our banglo
after searching the road for a long time
& Baby so eager to clean up the swimming pool
*never see him so hardworkin before :p*

dinner time
during CNY, Ipoh town is full of people
once we reached the restaurant, so hard to get a table
*people mountain people sea*
nice nice tauge
chic chic chicken.....
full full jor
capture by Kerrine geh G11

after dinner, where to go??
just stay at home
cause, them bought beer
memang liquor ghost =.=
gamble gamble
all gamble ghost..... :P

after Kerrine them back to their own banglo
& Im fall sleep too cause tired
but, Im awake around 3am if not mistaken
cause, I heard Im in the club
full of R & B songs & noisiness

once I awake
I saw all of them is playing in the swimming pool
OMG!! clubbing in the house & even in the swimming pool??
my very 1st experience.. wakaka =)
*Vinc Lin* VS *Anvil Gan*
said by Wawa =)
the most siao people
no eye see
okay, is time to sleep....

tomorrow still need to wake up early
breakfast with Kerrine them =)

that is my Day 1 at Ipoh
*to be continue*

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pangkor CNY Trip 2010

yeah, I know..
CNY already passed.. already March..
but, still in holiday mood

during CNY
Baby bring me join his gangs for trip

1st trip - Pulau Pangkor
13 of us
4 couples - Me & Baby, Anson & Wawa, Peggy & BK, Terry & Jess
5 ma lat lou - YYM, Anvil, Steven, Mao Ren & Yee Shen

we never book anything transportation & room before we go there
geng mou?
when reached Pangkor, we even can't find transport & room
cham dao.....
almost feel wanna go back & straight away go to Ipoh jor
but, luckily.. we found it =)

before go Pangkor
our PALE look & consider as not enough sleep =)
Anson kena bully by Wawa
our breakfast before start our journey
Klang geh people memang love Bak Kut Teh

reached Pangkor Jetty lo
tickets is on my hand..
ngek ngek ngek
hot hot hot..
all is eating ice-cream
our luggage
fuiyo.. during CNY
many peoples going to Pangkor too
is damn a lotsss....

the car that we rent
sweat betul right??
even car plate also dropped

this CNY really very super hot??
do you feel that??
this drink make us cold down

the guys is playing banana boat
syok mou???
the girls of the trip
>>Wawa*Jess*Peggy*m3<< all ma lat lou
Have u see before Orang Utan at Pangkor
na>> here we go..
he just like a monkey

yeah yeah...
long long time didn't see on motor jor
everyone is hungry
the food finished by us in a very short time
ops.... *shy shy*
wanna go back lo...
wanna go Ipoh for next trip lo =)

bye bye Pangkor
Baby always ban yao yeng geh
no eye see...
new trend
nice suit with slipper
wakaka =)

after Pangkor
we straight heading to Ipoh
& Kerrine them already reached

Happy Pangkor Trip