Thursday, July 30, 2009

My 3rd Birth Celebration

My 3rd Birth Celebration

thanks so much for my college gang
thanks Wynki, Zuan, Dai Lou, Hong & Liang

celebrate at D'Fortune located at Kepong
Fortune Cookies
38 - Our Table Number

fuiyo... Dai Lou still bring camera
owned by Hong Yee
yao yeng mou??

Wynki geh Fish & Chips
Zuan geh Chicken Louisiana
Liang geh Chicken Marryland
me & Hong geh Chicken Cordon Bleu
Dai Lou geh Black Pepper Chicken

my 3rd wish

gift from D'Fortune

my gang!!

2nd round- Desa Park City
we like to posing at there!!
nice view!!

thanks so much to my gang!!
love u all!!

My 2nd Birth Celebration

My 2nd Birth Celebration

at Look Out Point, Ampang
Bread & Olives Cafe

Thanks Dear

don't know what tropicana jor
BBQ Spring Chicken
Lamb Rack

hmm, actually the food not really nice
but the environment very nice!!

my both birth present
nice nice cup cakesthanks so much.. muacks

P/S: the cup cakes really nice to eat
bought from Cup Cake Chics

Birth Present

Present Present!!!

Titus new watch for my birth present

Thanks dear so much..
muacks muacks
I love it much
somemore is PINK color!!!

Thanks Soo Yin & Max for the present
the PINK bag!!
I really love it much & suit me

My 1st Birth Celebration

My 1st Birth Celebration

celebrate after BBQ with my ex-colleagues
Soo Yin, u bluff me ar..
say that will celebrate Vivian's Birth
but, surprise me
thanks ya Jimui...

My birthday cake
make a wish!!
Qiqi, Lee's daughter
701 Panduan colleagues

like a family!!
thanks for the present (^_^)

BBQ with ex-colleagues

701 Panduan Gathering
thanks for invite me too although me leave company jor

BBQ at Lee's house located at Kelana Jaya

as what Jennifer said 'wong gam gam geh chicken wing'
kakaka (^_^)
ham + bacon
curry made by Vivian

nice nice view
701 Panduan beauty
Vivian's Husband
satay man... haha
OMG!! Max always make stupid pose!!
wakaka (^_^)
1st time BBQ want stand till so high
somebody call 911
nice nice chicken wings
Max & Soo Yin geh drink
beh tahan them!!
sweet dao....
very nice geh kuih
Gula Melaka mixed with egg!!
Steven act as 'dai kam jie'
OMG!! Hangus betul

really have a nice day with you all