Friday, February 26, 2010

Yuan 26th Birthday

Yuan 26th Birthday
walau, 26 years old jor..
I can't imagine my life will become how when I reached 26

love shape of strawberry
just like a heart for YOU!!

birthday cake that my sis make for Yuan

forget to get candles..
so, Tuck's hand as candle
geng mou?? =)
Yuan aka my 2nd bro-in-law SOON!!
Im become another camera girl TOO =)

our Chun Ga Fook
nice mou???
another again =)
all gamble ghost here....

after celebrate Yuan's Birth
we suppose going to Tian Hou Gong
then go Midvalley for movie
but, cause too jam
we straight away went to Midvalley for
-72 Tenants Prosperity-

Nice shot
thanks Kok Kin =)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rottweiler - Queenie

another family member is added
she is -Queenie-

how innocent she are

OMG!! she is so cute
but.. also very fierce

by the way
welcome to my family =)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine 2010

♥Valentine 2010♥

our very 1st valentine
although do not celebrate on 14.02.10
*I wishes to be, but cant*

we celebrate at Bubba Gump, Pyramid

before outing
he always take more long time than me
shave-ing in the car
save time =)

the place that we had our dinner
Bubba Gump

sweet couple =)
hard to capture Baby's smile
cause he always act cool

nice to drink??

& seriously
we both also hungry jor
& actually it is quite big portion
I can't finish it too =)

deng deng deng deng
-our present-

me bought a G2000 belt for him
& making a video for him

he give a towel that having our name

love never end...........

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Opera

CNY 2010 Mood still ON
just back from my CNY trip
thanks to my lovely Baby
muacks ♥

back to the very old post
clubbing at The Opera
with my Baby & his friends
& even I meet my sis & Yuan there =)

liquor that make us fun & drunk
>>Yuan*m3<< Baby's brother
>>YYM*Anvil*Mao Ren<< sweet couple
but... me & Baby more sweet ♥
hehe =)

come on...
let's drink... let's get drunk tonight
feel so glad that I can mix with them well =)

the prove that Baby keep on ask Yuan drink with him
& Yuan really get drunk that night
not even reach 1am already leave

woohoo.. apasal Yuan so enjoy??
drunk jor??
woohoo.. so geng

at the morning
Yuan new hairstyle
wakaka =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

迁就? 讨厌!!






Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Hairstyle

welcome to 2010
a brand new year
should have a new hairstyle

yeah.. I cut my hair

old hairstyle

new hairstyle

nice mou??
Baby said it is short
see from the side looks like guy
really bo??
but I don't think so
I love short hair

Thursday, February 4, 2010

ABC 2 Gathering

finally Im graduated
finished my study life in TAR College
4 years in TAR College

last Friday
we are having a gathering at Liang's House
we eat, we play

before that
Baby, m3, Hong & Siw going Carrefour
for buying ingredients

Baby is helping too =)
the guys busy in the kitchen
so, what is the gals doing??
the gals is playing around =)
Liang's new domokun
so BIG!!
BIG & SMALL Domokun

bestie with Baby
argh.. Chiang Han..
No, please.. don't shoot me
shooting him!!!
hmm, should I say Mei Lin this pose kinda weird??
hahaha =)
haiz.. no eye see..
all gamble kings & queens
ah ceh..
Ah Hong banyak pattern =.=

curry cook by Siw
nice nice!!
ops.. shh..
both of them underground relationship
very nice salad
really very nice =)
the prove that Baby is eating VEGE!!!
nice drink =)
nice nice spaghetti with meatballs

ops... strawberry
my favor!!!
thanks to Uncle Shum

-Beggar Story-
Baby like eager to craving for food
Baby: Siapa mau nasi lagi??
my nice nice curry rice =)
oh no.. domokun also want eat
curry rice gangs
wakaka... :P
our dessert =)

yeah.. finally finished all the meals
is time to capture group pics
all of us =)
*Chiang Han is holding camera*
cute cute us
apasal to them???
blek :p

woohoo!! I love ABC 2 deeply =)