Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sing K with Baby

long time didn't sing k jor..
me & Baby went to Bukit Tinggi Green Box
cause Baby getting free for his birthday

we sing for at least 4 hours
sing till sore throat & cough
but, really long time didn't sing til so syok already

Buffet time
we keep on eating eating & eating
unlimited refill*
special for the day
*egg tart + waffle*

Baby, you so enjoy ar??
BABY!!! =)

Ally & Zhen's Wedding

Ally & Zhen's Wedding

Baby's friends Wedding
1st wedding dinner that we visit are girl side
at Klang
Ally's Fren

before outing
walau, Baby.. what are you doing ar??
ban yao yeng ar??
wakaka (^_^)
thanks Terry =)
will them be couple soon?? girls of the night
everyone is on the stage (^_^)
sweet sweet couple

Day 2
guy side wedding dinner
woot!! really many wedding dinner =)
at Klang too...

while waiting Anson & Wawa
brothers on the stage singing together

wish you both Hang Fook Fai Look forever

Monday, December 28, 2009





我是幸福的!!! 好想对全世界说你对我的好!!
Dear Covey,不好意思
用了你的话 =)


KTZ Food

at SS2
after fetching my grandparents back to my cousin house
Baby bring me & mummy go for dessert
thanks ya dear

my lovely niece
but she become naughty & naughty

me & mummy geh red bean
baby geh kiwi
looks so GREEN
haha (^_^)
baby geh noob look
wakaka (^_^)

wo tip

seriously Im having a long time didn't visit KTZ food already
the taste still good


last month my sis went to hospital
at Sime Darby Medical Center, Subang

for surgery
ops... not plastic surgery la..
haha (^_^)

a surgery to removal tumour only la
her friends come visit her while she at hospital

a card done by Siew Theng
really very nice oh
get well soon!!!

Mr.Lim Birthday

Mr.Lim Birthday
he is our lecturer
a lecturer quite close with us
after he added us in his facebook

Birthday cake for him
thanks Wai Hoong go bought it
cause Im late :p

cut cake lo...
guys with Mr.Lim
girls with Mr.Lim

strawberry strawberry
we love strawberry =)

Happy Birthday, Mr.Lim

Ninja & 2012

Ninja 2009

many people should be confuse with this movie with 'Ninja Assassins'
I have to clarify about this Ninja movie
do not is 'Ninja Assassins' by Rain

Ninja 2009
for me, is bloody & violence
& even western also can be ninja??
what a weird story line??

a big budget movie

story about doomsday
many people comments on this movie
some say good some say bad

for me, Im feel that this movie actually is quite good
if you say the editing is not good
im saying that it is still okay for me
cause, I know edit a movie is hard
& it is adding many effects
im respect them

this movie really aware people doomsday is near to us
we should 'Go Green'

Hakka Rang

Hakka Rang
located at Kota Damansara

I'm eating with my mummy, sister & Jason

about the food??
hmm, actually Im felt that the taste is really not bad
but, the price is abit higher
maybe it is because located at Kota Damansara
so that, the price will be higher than others

curry fish head

overall the food is still okay
just the price feel that unacceptable...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Casey 21st Birthday

Casey 21st Birthday
I know I know
her birthday already passed for so long
but, no time to post it mah


yeah.. we are already hungry Im loves fresh juice
vege vege
me & Liang loves much!!

dessert time

where you want to go??

3 of them buat apa kah sana??

second round

Happy Birthday to Casey