Monday, September 29, 2008

Yamcha Night

long time didn't yamcha with friends jor.
plan friday night want go yamcha.
friday night - cancelled.
then say changed to saturday night.
but saturday night - cancelled again.
why?? Dai Lou fault..
FFK!!! Fei Gei You!!!
haha (^_^)
*hope u won't scold me*
finally, sunday night...
we go yamcha.
wait Sham finish work then only come fetch us.

1st station - Behind Tawakal
cause Sham haven eat dinner, he want eat at there.
cause Mei Fang is there.
haha (^_^)
we chat quite a long time at there.
& make a lot jokes.
but.... a lot mosquito...
we change place.....

change to.....
station berikutnya - McDonald.
we quite geng...
we stay at McDonald few hours without buy any food or drink.
just sit there only.
abit paiseh!!!!
we plan that having a trip during our holiday.
everytime we planning want go a place,
after that sure will chat til far far away.
then only come back to the topic.
wasting time...
but... having a lot fun...

& we keep on zat Sham cause we keep on chat about facebook games.
but Sham didn't play facebook.
but.. today when I log in to facebook.
I saw Sham added me as friend.
haha (^_^)
influenced by us.

beside that, Sham is playing games.
a lame game.
show u all the video.
have a look...

our trip??
plan many places - genting, cameron, bukiy cahaya, look out point & many places....
but... no one can success...
in the end... we plan on friday night..
go Pavilion, just sit there & order some drinks or beer & chat at there.
such a good idea.

next gathering??
hope we all can go clubbing together.
haha (^_^)
cause I like to club.

beside that, Sham is giving us question ask us to guess it.
the question is '棺材店大平卖', guess 2 words.
answer is '抵死'.
what a lame question?? haha..
then I straight away zat him back.
say that '你还衰过于寿秋'

haha (^_^)
suipo Wynki say that she like the sentences that I said.
haha (^_^)

we chat til around 3-4am *forgot what time jor*
then we plan wanna go home jor de.
sudden say want go eat dim sum.
then we straight go there.
but, unlucky that, is didn't open.
so, we just go home & sleep.

a nice night with u all.
waiting for coming friday.

the schedule on this week
wed & thurs - Melacca Family Trip.
fri - Pavillion with my college friends.
sat - Times Square Neway with my NS Friends.
Yeah, I like this holiday.
is full of activities.
Muacks.. Love u all..

Sunday, September 28, 2008

周杰伦-- 魔杰座 *稻香*

周杰伦最新的专辑 -- 魔杰座 --
第一主打 >> ‘稻香’
为什么人要这么的脆弱 堕落
珍惜一切 就算没有拥有

微微笑 小时候的梦我知道

所谓的那快乐 赤脚在田里追蜻蜓追到累了
哦 哦 午后吉它在虫鸣中更清脆
哦 哦 阳光洒在路上就不怕心碎
珍惜一切 就算没有拥有**




Saturday, September 27, 2008

Melacca Trip + NS Gathering

Thanks all my friends.
Yeah... I can tell u all now!!
I done it!!!!
haha (^_^)

Thanks for all my best friends are around me.
I know that u all still beside me when I need you all.

what I done??
I can ignore & don't care at all about that jor.
what they did is never hurt me again!!!
haha (^_^)

& need to say sorry...
not to them, is to my Honey.
feel that are hurting u too.
& I promised that no more next time.
thanks for always care of me.

no more friend then mah no more friend lo.
no big deal at all.
I can't control it.
I'm just know what I done is correct.
That all......
if because this incident that make all thing changed.
I won't regret it!!!
I don't have qualify to stop & change it.
just let it be.
the war stopped by here!!!

*promised that next post won't appear about this topic anymore*

yeah, another brand new day!!!!
now I'm still holiday-ing...
where I go??
hmm, just go travel with my lovely family & relatives.
Melacca Trip on Raya Holiday.
long long time never go out travel with my family & relatives.
*actually last year just went to Thailand with my family*
yeah, feel that sure be excited......

after Melacca Trip??
another plan....
my NS Gathering!!!
Yeah, long long time never meet my lovely NS friends jor.
miss u all a lot...
damn eager to meet u all on next Saturday!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Thanks Thanks Thanks (^_^)
Thanks a lot a lot to my Honey Ephine, Fong Zuan & Dai Lou.

Thanks Honey so support me.
Thanks for u are by my side when I'm in trouble, moody & angry.
feel so glad that I'm having u this Honey.
really.. when after express my feeling to u.
I'm feel very comfort now.
& I will don't care those stupid person anymore.
& really feel so sad those people have those friends.
just same as what u write in your blog.
I can't explain why can having so many peoples hate those people in the same time.
isn't both of them should 'fan xing' what their done??
Honey, may be u are right.
for those who are friend with them, really is their unlucky.

I like the word that u leave in your blog comment

when I read that, I really feel very happy.
Thanks for support me always.


haha (^_^) I like the words..
yeah, my another friends told me that too.
Thanks AGAIN my Honey.

Thanks Fong Zuan & Dai Lou allow me express my feeling in MSN.
hope u all didn't feel that interrupted u all la.
hehe (^_^)
tell the truth, after I tell u all.
I really feel more relax & comfort.
& Thanks for dai lou what u try to convince me.
I remember what u said to me
*ignore, act nothing happen, avoid same thing happen.
draw a bolder line between each other & continue to live happily ever after.

people who don't know how to follow the trend or culture in internet, is their problem.
we have our rights. we have our own world.
we no need to ask them to join us.
one day she will regret n join back d group.
if not she will leave from the cyber world forever.
always remember that your life is doing great, why should this kind of things got the rights to make u draw a sad expression in ur world?
is not fair, human are selfish.
think of yourself & live happily as much as u can.
let them 'tao tai' by d world bah*

for another friend that who didn't appreciate our friendship.
Dai Lou have his own theory
*why u want everyone love u? why u want everyone close with you?
why u don't want ignore them?
they didn't appreciate u mah. so fine lor.
u also no need appreciate them mah.
they want treat u as enemy or friend is their problem...main thing is u didn't hurt them or their families.
they choose to leave u. not u.
so is the not appreciate
as long in your heart u didn't do any wrong, then just treat as friends.
as "hi bye" friends lor.
as long is not enemy*

Yeah, after read what Dai Lou trying to tell me.
sudden I really feel damn relax.
feel like all done jor.
I won't care what those stupid peoples.
don't care what their done.

P/S: remember what u all promised me oh.. keep SHHH................

Muacks... Love u all My Friends..
feel so glad still have u all by my side..


Thursday, September 25, 2008

My NS Best Friends

haha (^_^)
few days didn't upload blog jor...
cause nothing to write!!!!
sudden having a feeling to write it!!
next sat.. I'm having a NS gathering!!!
miss my NS friends a lot...
do u all miss me??
haha (^_^)

ya, NS really giving me a lot of best friends..........
I'm getting many best jimui & brother in this camp.

1st Best Jimui - Ephine Tan Huay Shee
recenlty I'm calling her as 'Honey'.
yeah, after she break up with my Onijak Vyen then we become more closer.
don't care la, just know that now she is my best jimui Honey Ephine.
& know that now her life is very beautiful & joyful.
that is enough!!!
just want all my friends be happy!!
when I'm feeling moody I will find her to chat.
just feel very fong sum when chat with her!!
muacks.. love always Honey!!!

2nd Best Jimui - Christy Wong Pui Yi
this suipo Darling ar...
we very close since in NS.
our thinking is very close.
in sms, we can chat til like crazy.
chat about our wedding n bla bla bla...
our thinking is almost the same.
she always know what I'm thinking & what I want.
Best Jimui forever ya.. Muacks...

3rd Best Jimui - Foong Suet Ling
hmm, actually I'm not so close with her while in the camp.
when finish NS, I'm just starting closer with her.
when she break up with Chuan How.
we getting more closer.
& now we called each other as 'jimui'.
OMG!! y sound like when people break up jor only close with me de??
nevermind, as long as we still is Jimui.
Jimui forever ya...
sound sad that u told me u can't attend our NS gathering!!
miss u always.. Muacks...

beside Jimui, Im getting many guy best friend too...

1st Best guy friend - Tee Wee Yen
yeah, I called him as Onijak mean gor gor.
last time he also calling me Imoto as mui mui.
he is the one that I always find to chat when I'm moody.
thanks for every time when I'm moody, u still willing to chat with me.
but I'm dare to tell u.
recently, having a bit don't like about your attitude.
hmm, can't say is attitude.
may be Im jealousing & still having angrying about the incident between u & my Honey.
jealous that now we didn't close as before & u closing with others people.
feel that u rampas by others jor.
am I selfish?? yeah, I can tell u.. I am!!!!
by the way, u always is my best friend.
thanks Vyen, gor gor & mui mui forever ya...

2nd Best guy Friend - Danny Tho Eng Fatt
the most leng chai guy in our camp.
every girl have a same thinking.
I'm feel so glad that I can close with him.
cause I think that in our camp, having many girls are hoping close with him.
Danny, is the very nice guy.
he treat people very well.
& the thing make me surprise is when I'm going Redang.
I still meet him at the bus stop.
is make me very surprise.
cause really have a long time didn't see him jor.
hope to see him again.
Danny, u still haven reply me that are u coming our NS Gathering anot.
haha (^_^)

3rd Best guy friend - Danny Chow Chuan How
feel weird?? recently me seldom chat with him but still added him in this category??
yeah, althought we seldom chat.
but once we meet, we can chat a lot & a lot.
just like last time our NS Gathering PD trip.
we can chat a lot in the bus since we long time didn't meet.
yeah, we are starting closer when he break up with Suet Ling *my 3rd Best Jimui*.
hey, althought we seldom contact but our relationship is still there.
waiting for the conversation between u & me on next saturday *NS Gathering*

4th Best guy friend -Nicholas Na Chun Yong
this guy feel more weird I think.
NS friends, u all also know both of us is what relationship last time ba!!
& share with u all 1 thing.
last few day, I chat with him in MSN.
do u all know we have a long time didn't contact each other.
actually is enjoy when chat with him.
last time, we close til everyday sms til 3-4am.
not me sleep 1st then is he fall sleep 1st.
then another day continue chat.
but sadly is both of us are don't have 'fate'.
in the end we also didn't together.
I'm still remember what he done on my 18years old birth.
& thanks for my NS friends bring him along when celebrate my birth.
so surprise when I saw him.
by the way, all already pass.
we have to look our FUTURE!!!
now, Im getting my boyfriend & he also girlfriend too...
hope both of us can become best friend again..

last but not least...
can I added 1 more friend??
actually he is same Peladang Setiu Agro Resort camp with us.
but.... he is our senior...
his name is Leslie Khor Zhan Shuo
I called him 'gor gor' & my best friend too.
recently I think many people know many things about us la.
no need to write out again.
refer to 'guy & girl' that blog.

feel geng?? world so big I still can find a guy that same camp with us before.
our senior!!!

hmm, sorry for the people that I didn't mention it.
doesn't mean that u not my friends just Im a bit *lazy* to write all....
cause is damn A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by the way, wishing me & my friendssss........
I promised...

Sunday, September 21, 2008



venue: Midvalley

I'm outing everyday.
while me reach home not even stay at home 1 minutes.
then I out again.
I'm going Midvalley with my sister, mummy & aunt.
*nice nice decoration at Midvalley*

*so many face expression of my niece*

just window shopping for passing time.
& we also go find my 2nd sister.
then we go having our lunch.
here we go, that is the food.

at night, we go Bandar Puteri having our dinner!!!
out whole day too....

updating 4 blogs now....
downloading drama.....
will going upload picture soon..........

Sakae Sushi


venue: The Curve

Yeah!! The Curve AGAIN!!!
my boyfriend love this place much cause NEAR!!!
haha (^_^)

just a simply pak tor day!!!
we go buy movie ticket first. while queue-ing......
we also don't know what movie we want to watch.
finally, we choose Babylon A.D.

after buy ticket.
we having our lunch at Sakae Sushi.
*Lao Gong is looks hunger*
not bad not bad.
& not so expensive also.
my boyfriend say that is very nice
cause is FREE!!!
I treat him eat!!!
that why he say is very nice.
haha (^_^)

after our lunch, we just walk around.
& we saw MY Fm Ford Escape is near by here.
we just go there & have a look.
& I won a Men Uno magazine, just answer a stupid question.
haha (^_^)
& taking voucher also.
NANDO's voucher, having discount oh!!!
yeah!! can go eat Nandos jor.. hehe!!

*while in the cinema*

Babylon A.D this movie still okay la.
not so bad!!!!

while we walk back to the car park from Ikano to Cineleisure!!
I saw Zee Lok!!!
so surprise meet her there.
but sadly to heard that she say she can't attend our NS gathering on 4th of Oct.

after The Curve, we go Pasar Malam for dinner.
but just da bao go home & eat.
OUT whole day.

Ruby [recover soon]

friday noon.....
my phone ring...
'Evon' name appear in my phone...
so weird that why she will call me??
while I pick up the phone.
I'm getting a big BAD news.
she told me that Ruby is kena rob at TBR.
& now she is at Sunway Medical Center.
what is going on??
why so serious??

while hang up the phone.
the 1st thing I done it is to call Carol ask for what is going on.

Carol told me that she & Ruby is going to take their own car after exam.
sudden got 4 malay guys appear.
some more Ruby's finger is getting hurt.
is keep on bleeding.
Carol send her go Tawakal Hospital.
but stupid nurse told them about doctor was not around
go sembahyang jor.
just eat shit, ok??

fine!!! her parents reached.
then send her go Sunway Medical Center.
Sunway said not enough room.
OMG!!! shit man...
then the doctor just help her to stop bleeding.
& I'm telling Eelynn & Min Kun them about this incident.
all of them also gettin surprise.

while I'm going Jusco with my boyfriend.
Min Kun telling me that they are is going tonight.
but I'm not going.
may be Sunday only go visit her.

hope she is alright & recover soon.

Jocelyn 21's Birthday

since the day I start my school holidays.
everyday me also won't stay at home for whole day.
last thursday night...
yeah, ladies night AGAIN!!!
this time I'm going Coco Banana.

Jocelyn 21's Birthday

yeah, is my first time went to Coco.
heard many people say that there not nice.
their decoration is very nice.
but the DJ was so suck. the song damn lousy.
*VIP room*

actually that day are having many people that I'm not so close.
like Wendy, Raymond, Erica even birthday girl Jocelyn me also not really close.
but them are very friendly & having a lot fun there.
William just like stand there & take care of Camelia.
seldom play with us.
Erica's boyfriend very funny & he keep on ask people to drink.
*Birthday Girl Jocelyn with Raymond*
*me & Raymond*

while we go to the stage. we all also enjoy there.
first time go clubbing with my boyfriend's friends til so fun de.
can play with Jocelyn them without my boyfriend beside me.
is FUN!!!
just the songs is suck.......
Anthony & William also going back early just because tomorrow need to work.
*me & Pretty Fuji*

while wanna go back.
Jocelyn is hug one by one. she cried.

when she hug me, telling me many things.
*I think she is getting drunk*

*is time to go home*

Happy Birthday to Jocelyn

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Klang + Subang FOOD Trip

Yeah!!! Finally finish my exam jor..
Hurray!! is HOLIDAY!!!!

early in the morning, me & Sham go back Setapak by bus.
me go wangsa meet Wynki them & Sham is go back college find Mei them for study IR.
while I'm reached wangsa LRT, they all is haven reach yet.
wait wait & wait....
finally reached....
our ABC gang *me, Wynki & Hong* + Dai Lou go Klang...
*Dai Lou looks so lonely*

Mei Lin will fetch us at KTM.
in LRT, we meet Su Ping also but she like angry cause Hong out with us didn't out with her.
suan ba le.....

chit chat chit chat.................................
FINALLY reached Klang *Telok Gadong*
we bluff Mei Lin say that we go wrong place jor, we go by Star LRT.
she really believe us (^_^)

Yeah, the 1st thing to do sure go having our lunch.
that is >>>> BAK KUT TEH.
me also have message Tek that I'm at Klang now.
we go Bayu Perdana eat Bak Kut Teh.
not bad not bad. Delicious!!!

after our lunch, we are going to have dessert.
we go Biz Cafe, I think is at Bukit Tinggi *may be near to Vyen house*
their cake's taste not bad...
is quite nice...
I'm ordering Strawberry Yoghurt & Chocolate Nutty.
especially is Dai Lou that espresso cake, damn good!!!!
we spend quite long time at there *for digest*
after Biz Cafe.

next station>>>> 100 Yen
they want go there eat 'Xue Hua Bing'.
but just left strawberry & nut flavor only.
sure them order strawberry la..
yeah, is my favour (^_^)
wah, this Pepsi is damn BIG!!

station berikutnya >>> AEON Bukit Tinggi.
I'm second time been there.
1st time when I been there, just walk around half hour only.
AEON Bukit Tinggi is really big.
I mean the parking. haha!!!!
*just a part of parking*
the parking damn big!!!!
we just walk around.. walk here walk there...
& I bought a shoes.
OMG!!! everytime go shopping with Dai Lou & Hong them.
sure them will keep on convince me to buy de.
they are EVIL!!!!!!!

while Mei Lin go fetch her mum...
we still keep on walk around.
& plan later wanna go where having our dinner.
I called Vyen to ask him cause he just stay at Bukit Tinggi.
sure more familiar.
but when I asked him, he ask me to called Yong.
the reason is Yong more like to eat. haha (^_^)
so, I called Yong.
I thought he say he at customer's house.
so I keep on chit chat with him.
when I ask him again.
I'm only realise he is at Pey Wen's house.
OMG!!! make me damn paiseh.
then just fast fast hang up the phone. hehe!!

Yong recommend many place to me.
while Mei Lin reached, we discuss many places.
got Genting Klang, Telok Gong & bla bla bla.
wasted half hour to discuss.
then say go Klang go eat.
but can't find the place.
then waste time again.

Last station>> Subang Parade.
yeah, we go Dessert's Bar.
fuiyo, the chocolate is damn nice.
is damn JENG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you all should go & try it.

Finally, finish our FOOD trip with Mimi & Lulu.
haha (^_^)
is FULL & high cholestrol.

Love you guys...
giving me nice day when out with you all... (^_^)


Out AGAIN!!!
yesterday just went to Klang & Subang!!!
today, me out again!!!
today for Selangor is public holiday!!
Yeah, me go Pyramid with my mum & aunty.
Qhing, what you trying to do??

actually we just walk around only.
I bought a shoes AGAIN!!!
should I control myself???
I think my shoes already alot alot...
& shirts too..
need to buy a new wardrobe.
haha (^_^)

but I think every girls are having some problem with me ba.
always shop & buy...
haha (^_^)