Saturday, December 27, 2008

Girlfriend & Boyfriend

which girl friend are you?
  1. Cannot close with girls
  2. Cannot play computer games
  3. The most important person in your heart
  4. Cannot quarrel with me, must always sayang me
  5. Must mix with my friends too
  6. Must remember any date of celebration
  7. Must having present if got any celebration (If DIY more good)
  8. When I am sad or sick must by my side
but.............. it is very hard for my boyfriend.
  1. He having few close girl friend & actually Im close with guy too
  2. Nowadays he always play although Im super angry, he also won't bother me
  3. Not me. Is his mothers, brother and sister.
  4. Nope. We always quarrel.
  5. This is DEFINITELY NOT!! ask him join my friend it is just asking him go to die.
  6. Yes. He will remember.
  7. Nope. Not really. Sometime even didn't present me. ISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Sometimes only.

The most angry is he too addicted on computer games & PS2
OH MY GOD!! I really can't tahan on it.

& wonder why he can't join my friends.
isn't all my friends is evil?? I really angry on it.

what can I do???
but, I also know that Im not a perfect girl friend.
just want to express my feeling here only.

Valary 1 years old Birthday

Finally finished my 7 hours Radio Live Show.
Thanks god....
make me feel more relax jor!!
but... 1 more assignment to go.
edit our PSA video.
Ish.... scare not enough time!!!!!!

My niece 1 years old birthday
her birth on 15th Dec
but me too busy til don't have time to post about it.

Okay, don't waste time here.
here we go
My niece's birth not 'kua cheong' la.
mummy just cook Yong Tau Fu at home & ask some of my relatives come only.

Red Egg that for my Niece

Our Main Character
Valary Quak Zi Qhing
she is trying new shoes
trying new cloth
what face is this??

Cake Session
Her birthday cake
bought by my brother
my family
cut cake lo.....
Happy Birthday to Valary

My dog - Gubi.....
but lost jor.....

Last but not least.....
you dare to eat this?
egg with full of kicap!!!!
my uncle eat on this way!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

wah.... once I open my blog.
my update blog there almost all my friends is upload about christmas.
so that, I will do that too.
haha..... (^_^)

yesterday how you all celebrate?
sure be very enjoy right??
after class straight away go to The Curve.

first, we go buy movie ticket 1st.
'Yes Man'
very funny movie by Jim Carrey.
but it is not everything must to be say 'Yes' unless you heart is want to say it too.

next station - IKEA
we went to their cafe house for tea time
My's mash potatoe + chicken pie
Lao Gong's meat ball + chips

the price is cheap.
& don't know why their carbonated drink cold than we normally drink de.

is time for movie lo..............

after movie, we go for our dinner.
actually my sister and my friends will having dinner at Fridays,
but Lao Gong don't want to join them.
so that, we go MARCHE!!
but need to queue it.
while queue-ing......
sudden saw Chin Sheng and Kian Loon with their girlfriend.
stupid Chin Sheng some more can't recognise me.
swt =.=

yeah!! finally can go inside to get our dinner jor.
wah, this time we order damn alot thing to eat.
bling bling toast
my juice
*Dragon fruit + Apple + Carrot*
Lao Gong punya Apple juice
Homemade Hawaiian Pizza
Mushroom Soup
Original Rosti
Chicken Chop
*last but not least*
our dessert
Strawberry Cheese Cake

is m3
I want start to eat those nice nice food lo...
hehe (^_^)

this is my stupid Lao Gong

Total: RM 95.45

and actually I really can't finish it.
so the in the end also is Lao Gong finished it.
wakaka... fat sei him.....

after dinner, we go The Curve walk around.
we play a stupid thing.
Lao Gong ask me capture picture & let people spot where is him.
can you spot him in the picture??

when rest at outside Cineleisure there
& planning want stay until 12am anot.
but I feel that Lao Gong don't want although his mouth say 'Yes'.
so, I say go back home.

while want to go back,
sudden Lao Gong stop at 'Laundry' there.
I only realise that Keng Yong, Pey Wen, weNy, Vincent and Wee Yen them is having dinner at there.
so ngam leh......
weNy cut her hair, she looks very cute.
haha (^_^)
but.... forgot take picture with them...

that is my christmas eve.
nothing special
hehe (^_^)

sudden found something cute at The Curve
do you know what is this??
this is put banana inside de...
ops...... Mun, you need to go inside.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Im sick...
Getting fever yesterday midnight SUDDENLY!!!
don't know why I will fall sick.
may be recently too busy, not really enough time to rest
& less drink water ba!!

sorry for make my Lao Gong totally can't sleep yesterday night.
cause I was damn sanfu that time.
really feel wanna die that time.
but after take panadol then I feel more well.

early in the morning, my Lao Gong bring me go see doctor.
now just eat medicine & hope will get well soon.

Thanks Lao Gong so much for taking care of me.
make you whole night can't sleep.
some more today still need go for work.
Muacks.. Love You..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Korean Food 'Woo Ga Chon'

Fuiyo, really long long time didn't update blog about my life jor.
cause really busy ar!!
ARGH!!!!!! my back feel pain ar..
don't know why!!

ok, back to my ex-classmate Dai Lou birthday ba!!
last thursday, we are planning to celebrate with him.
plan to go Ampang eat Korean food.
after finished my shooting part at Hon Mun there,
Mun fetch me go Ampang to meet my gang.
thanks lo, Hon Mun.

reached jor lo
Woo Ga Chon
damn nice.. love it much...
mineral water


really nice to eat. we eat alot..

hong said 'import from oversea'
tak tau is truth anot la..
ada mushroom inside oh!!
don't know what name
but it is look like kangkung leh.. haha
macam 'choi sum'
taufu.... YUMMY!!!
Ikan bilis with kacang
dengan nasi lemak juga????
cold soup!! really cold!!
I don't like it!!
KIMCHI soup!!
Korean Seafood Pancake
Nice Nice to eat oh!! hehe (^_^)
I like this. Egg!!!
very nice to eat!!
everyone say that too!!

Just 4 of us!!!!!
is m3..... (^_^)

bought at Korean shop.
Kuazee with chocolate

P/S: to be continue for second round 'Hartamas Souled Out' (^_^)