Monday, August 31, 2009





Friday, August 28, 2009

Daddy 51's Birthday

Daddy 51's Birthday
finally I got time to post it

done my public screening
I still can feel the touch & warmness from my coursemate!!!

back to here
we celebrate at Mutiara Damansara
'Damansara Palace Restaurant'

my lovely niece

the menu

"enjoying pictures"
my lovely daddy & mummy
both of them busy eating

shark fin
1 poeple 1 bowl
sea cucumber
fish fish
little abalone
really very little!!

after finish dinner
we go my eldest sis's house cut cake
2 birthday cake for daddy
my niece is singing
blow the cake!!!

my happy family
everyone say that Im having a big family


I will remember the day of 26th of August

remember the thing that we plan
remember the thing that we done
remember the effort that we put
remember the happiness & sadness
remember the tough

I love u all
Advanced Diploma in Broadcast Communication
Year 2 students
we did a GOOD JOB!!!

I always REMEMBER!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Laughing Gor "Turning Point" 变节

Laughing Gor "Turning Point" 变节

for those who watched '学警狙击'
sure know about who is Laughing Gor
which is 谢天华

hmm, overall the movie concept is not bad
camera shot also not bad
but, some scene will be a bit confuse
comment by Maxis Choy
he said that is too many of 'flash back'

but, have a good try
Fala Chen acting is not bad
& become more sweety

we always repect Laughing Gor!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Theng 25's Birthday *part 2*

continue previous post
2nd round at Look Out Point

innocent face
cause... he drop the cake on the floor!!
nice nice night view!!
all of us at Look Out Point!!

at Haven Cafe
Green Tea + Red Bean cake
nice nice to eat!!
fast fast blow lo..
cause the wind too strong
big big gang of us!!

Yong Family Series
Yong Kwung Yuan
*act cool meh??*

Yong Yoke Lim
Give It To Me
this pic got this feel oh
capture by Kwung

Yong Yuh Yuan
compare with the previous pic
yuan, u are so rude!!

Jason Chai
the who was came all the way from PJ
just to order ribena

Theng 25's Birthday *part 1*

Finally I got time to update my blog
ngek ngek
almost done all my assignment
just left MV report & screening nia

back to my post
my 2nd sis Theng 25's Birthday
celebrate with bunch of friends
at Ampang Look Out Poing
my 2nd sis

stupid Kwung bring us to go a Thai Restaurant
12 of us
*me, Cheng, Jason, Theng, Yuan, Kwung, Yoke Lim, Siew Theng*
*Wee Fong, Kok Kin, Mun Yee, Chee Choon*

before we enter the restaurant
we thought we lost in the jungle
cause, need to pass by a jungle

the restaurant is full of people cause weekend
but, Kwung told us is cheap & nice
worth to wait it!!

& this post geh picture will be a big contrast
cause some capture by normal camera
& some capture by D90

the restaurant is beside the lake
all of us..
but, where is kwung??

our table number

we order too many dishes
many til I can't remember the name
but, the food is nice!!!
fried crab + lamb
kerabu mango
chicken ball
curry sotongkangkung belacan
salt egg with prawns
*if not mistaken*
white tomyam
abit spicy
nice nice to eat

too many dishes
*for those dish that I already forgot the name*

Siew Theng: Lim, I want that crab.
Yee: Fat Choon, don't kacau while me eating la...
gay lou!!
total: RM379.60
consider cheap???

after dinner, we went back to Look Out Point there
2nd round!!