Friday, November 8, 2013

♦♨ My 26th Birthday 5th Celebration ♨♦

Yea.. my 5th birth celebration with my hubby

He is purposely bring me back to Poppy for dinner
Poppy, is the very 1st place we met each other
Is a very memorable place for both of us

I always thought hubby is not a romantic person
But, he always will think from his heart if he want to do it
He will take note what I mentioned before & do it secretly

Once again, Thanks hubby ♥

We went to the Japanese Restaurant which is up stair of Poppy

Erm, the foods was not really nice

After dinner, hubby bring me to some place
He drive into Trades Hotel
I don't have any idea why he choose Trades Hotel
until when I enter to the lift & appear "Sky Bar"
I only realize that Sky Bar is located at Trades Hotel

Hubby do know me I wishes to Sky Bar since long time
As I mentioned, he is good in listening & plan secretly

We are ordering a red wine

A very nice view
& a very memorable night with Hubby

Baby, thanks for being with me 3 years ++
& I wanna be with you forever

With Love Always ♥

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