Friday, November 8, 2013

♥☺香港欢迎你☺♥ Day 2 之 迪斯尼乐园

2nd day at Hong Kong
Our 1st very interest destination
- Disneyland -

Early in the morning, we are heading to Olympic City for breakfast by train

Seriously, some of the food taste are really not suitable for Malaysian
But, so far still can be acceptable

After breakfast, we are taking the special Disney train to Disneyland
The train designed is special design for Disneyland
even the hand holder also will be Mickey design
Fairy Tales... I'm coming!!!!

yeah... finally we are reach Disneyland @ HK

Yeah!! We met signature Disney Cartoon Mascot 
 Donald Duck

Gosh.. we seem like back to when kids moments..

 Mali Mali Home.....
 Fairy Tales...
Ops... Tot Story..
Childhood memory!!!

Yeah... Thanks god we are ready for the rain cloth
Before we heading from Malaysia, we are always checking the weather forecast for HK
Luckily we are preparing from Malaysia

When raining in Disneyland, and we take out all the rain coat to wear
Many peoples when pass by, also will be asking us where to buy it.

 We are ready for 3D movie lo
After Legoland, there is 2nd time for niece

Winnie The Pooh

While queue-ing for the Winnie The Pooh train
There are happened something irritated

While we queue-ing, my parents & others already pass through the entrance,
left me, hubby, 2nd sis & 2nd bro-in-law
And behind me are a china woman & her daughther
The mother seem like scare she can't enter to the entrance
She is try to cut queue & she stop by the worker
But, she are trying to explain that she are same gang with my parents so want to pass through the entrance
We are get shocked when she said that
But luckily that the worker are know that we are not same gang with her
And ask her to queue at the back

WTH!! I really hate China people who not educated!!!

Too bad!! Unlucky!!
It is raining super heavily around 4pm++
Suppose we are wishes to wait until 8pm for the firework
But the rain it is too heavy
So, we are decide to leave early
Too bad.. We can't see the firework

After leave Disneyland, we are back to condo for resting & bath
Then go for dinner
We found Malaysia Papaya at HK Market

Gosh... we are trying Chou Taufu
The taste... YIAKS!!!!

We are sibeh sibeh tired!!!!!!

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