Tuesday, November 12, 2013

♥☺2013 新年 Malacca 吃透透☺♥ Day 2

Day 2 at Malacca

Yeah yeah!!
We are heading to A Famosa lo ^^

Finally we are reach
But, I do not take any picture while we are playing
I put the camera into the locker

After play & bath
Is time to have our lunch
We are freaking hungry
& thanks god that A Famosa already prepare lunch for us

Before leave, take the pictures 1st la ^^

After lunch, we are back to apartment for rest
And, continue their CANDY CRUSH
Beh tahan =.=

When during dinner time
Of course we are going to the signature food at Malacca
- Satay Celup -

Burp!!! It is so so full...

After dinner, we have no place to go
So, I suggest to bring them go Portuguese Village for the super duper nice mango juice
But, too bad
Once reach, the stall also closed when sell finish

So, we just simply order some side dishes

After our so called 'supper'
They are bought some 孔明灯


Tomorrow will be Valentine Day
This is the rose that my baby for me
Such a special rose
Haha ^^

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