Tuesday, November 12, 2013

♥☺2013 新年 Malacca 吃透透☺♥ Day 1

Ops... Almost forgot my CNY post

This year CNY
We are heading to Malacca

Yo yo yo!!
We are on the way lo ^^

Finally we are reach
After check in to our apartment
We are heading to the next station- Jonker Street

Yummy Ice Cream

Actually I feel so so nia..
Not so nice

Due to others famous restaurant is full of people
And, we are feels hungry
So, we just simply choose the restaurant for the light dinner

After dinner, we are back to apartment for rest
During night time, where we go??
Of course sure go for drink

My New Favor

During this trip, the most popular will be CANDY CRUSH
All the people are non-stop

Let's fight!!!!

After drink, we are back to apartment for rest
yeah yeah!! Tomorrow heading to A Famosa lo ^^

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