Monday, November 11, 2013

♥☺香港欢迎你☺♥ Day 3

Day 3 at Hong Kong

We do found a restaurant with a very super good taste egg tart
We are having our breakfast at there
Just exact what we watched through HK movie or drama
The menu come with Set A, Set B & etc
What I can say will be the egg tart is super super nice!!!!!

After breakfast, we just simply walk around at Times Square for time pass to have lunch with HK relatives
What a coincidence, Times Square are having road show for Leslie Cheung Memorial Ceremony

Leslie's Fans fold origami for him

Full of Gor Gor Leslie Cheung

My Cute Dad Series
He is dancing

After hang out at Times Square
We are meeting up with our relatives at HK
We having lunch at Vege Restaurant
 It is super a lot dishes & we cant finish at all
But the taste is very nice

My niece meet a new friend-
My cousin's daughther

Day 3 at HK will be 1st of May, which is Labour Day

Their protest are very geng & kua cheong!!

And, even do have the police help out

Group picture with HK relative- Ah B 表哥

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