Monday, November 11, 2013

♥☺香港欢迎你☺♥ Day 3 之 成功求婚篇

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Around evening time, we are proceed to the 星光大道
The wind are damn strong
Even we are wearing the sweater
It is still can be feel on the strong wind & the coldness

We are happy family

The is the famous HK port that always show at TVB drama
When people want to suicide, they will be coming to this port
The signature HK port for TVB drama

After that, we are walk around at the 星光大道
I didn't post much photos of Star Arena

But the most special moment will be....
While we watching the spotlight show at Star Arena
Due to just after rain, it is full of fog
Totally can't see what the spotlight is showing
I'm just standing behind of my eldest sister
I can clearly heard what Jason said
Jason: Can you see the what is the spotlight showing?
Sis: No, I can't see.
Jason: Can't see ar? Then see here la!

When we turn to the back, once turn back
Jason already take out the ring & propose to my sis
At that moment, I think I'm the first person who drop tears

 She say yes

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