Tuesday, November 12, 2013

♥ღ♡ Twice Proposal on our 4th Anniversary 求婚记 ♡ღ♥


It was a very special day for me

11st Oct 13, will be our 4th Anniversary

As usual, we are having an anniversary celebration
He bring me go to Publika, S Wine for anniversary dinner
Actually I do sense it hubby is something different
He keep press the phone & he looks gan jiong

Before that actually I also sense it
When I go for my hair cut, he fetch me go to the saloon
what a coincidence, my 2nd sis & bro in law also at the saloon
Hubby say he want to go 1 Utama for buy his contact lense thing
So, after he drop me at saloon, he go to 1 Utama
At the same time, my sis also say she date her friends for drink
So, she left the saloon

But, the coincidence will be once I ask hubby back to fetch me
When he say he is almost reach
Then my sis is come back too
I can feel that it is not a coincidence
He is dating my sis outing for buying something- ring

And, during dinner he keep press phone
I can feel that it will be happen something on tonight

Dinner of the day at S Wine

The most coincidence thing will be...
We met Ron at there
Once he saw Ron at the restaurant, he feels very gan jiong
& I keep feel his eyes is focus on outside

After dinner, we walk around at the Publika mall
& he is insist to buy a wine back home
* I don't know why *

After that, he also insist to have a drink at pub due to he want to get the Oktoberfest cup

After drink, we are plan to back home
But, in the car
The very 1st time, he propose to me
With a very simple word
& even explain today all the preparation are not done well
Didn't book well for the restaurant, didn't get ready for the flower & etc
But, I still say Yes I Do

And, I post to FB
At the same time, my BFF are starting acting in our wechat group
Date for dinner, congrats me & even tease me

But, they are already at my house & start prepare for the decoration 

Thanks to our beloved friends who loves us much
Thanks for the decoration

Hubby even purposely go for wrong direction to drag the time for them for the decoration

But the only thing to failed will be
Once we almost reach home
I do saw my bro in law car
When I asked why his car will be here
Hubby was silent & he looks gan jiong

When we want to open the door
But I realize that the door never lock, even already 11pm ++
It is doesn't make sense
And, I feel something wrong already
But, I just can sense it that only will my family members who help him out

But, I will be never guess that he will ask for my BFF & friends for the help & attend it
It is make me very very touch

Once step in to the house, blackout in the house
The staircase is full of candle lights
My tears was start the engine, can't stop
I never know that my hubby can be done on this romantic way

2nd time propose to me
It was very very touch & surprise for me
& even very touch when I saw my BFF be the witness

Thanks hubby for everything
It is can't describe by words, but deep from my heart
I love you always ♥

Special thanks to
- My Beloved BFF -
Thanks weNy, Jesslyn, Cheryl, Carrie & Tiffany
Thanks for the good acting in our group chat
Too bad Clara & Kathy can't be attend

Thanks to my buddy Liang & Hong
Purposely come from Setapak be our camera man

 Thanks to buddy- Yong, Kher Li, Sophie, Deux, Belle & Chi Yong
Thanks for purpose come & preparation

 Thanks to my familiesss

It was a very memorable anniversary for me
I will never forget

 The real ring by him ♥

 The rose ♥

The special case
Ron was complain he can't be the witness

Dear Hubby,
Thanks for everything that you had done for me
You are my everything
♥ 你是我最重要的决定 ♥

Looking forward for our ROM & wedding ♥

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Picnic @ Taman Botani, Putrajaya

It is seem like  a good day
At first, me, weNy & Cheryl are planning for the picnic at Putrajaya
But due to Cheryl's daughter was sick
So, just left me, hubby, weNy & Ern Hee

Early in the morning
We are already reach the picnic place
Thanks darl for the food preparation

There is the very relax place
We are so enjoy at there

How long been didn't picnic??
I think it is already many years since I was kid

Yeah, I will go there again for the another time for picnic

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周杰伦 魔天伦 2013 演唱会

Is a day!!!!
Is a Jay day!!!!

Finally, my dear Jay Chou is coming for his 2013 concert

We are going to KL Sogo
Queue for 8 hours then we only able to buy the concert
This will be the 1st time for queue so long just for the tickets
We love Jay much!!

Thanks to hubby get the free tickets on Friday
Which is the 1st concert
I am so so enjoy for the show
The stage is awesome
The songs is awesome
The person is awesome too

Jay, I love you!!!

How we can live without you
Thanks god that I'm having bunch of friends who are also Jay's fans
We are enjoy to the max!!

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♥☺初五 *东禅寺* 拜拜☺♥

After back from Malacca

At the night time
We are going to Dong Zen temple
This year, their decoration are so nice & special

12 zodiac

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